The projects I’ve participated in.


The project was started with my internship at Microsoft Research Cambridge. It is been developed now as collaboration of MSTLab and MSR Cambrige.

fc capture

FetchClimate is a fast, free, intelligent climate information service that operates over the cloud to return exactly the information you need. FetchClimate can be accessed either through a simple web interface, or via a few lines of code inside any .NET program. FetchClimate is intended to make it easy for you to retrieve information for any geographical region, at any grid resolution: from global, through continental, to a few kilometres, and for any range of years (1900 – 2010), days within the year, and / or hours within the day.

Try it at Windows Azure hosted instance
Microsoft Research page


I participated in the project when it was decided to rewrite it in HTML5. Chronozoom animation and tour system is the result of my work :-)


ChronoZoom is an award winning open source community project dedicated to visualizing the history of everything. Browse through history to find data in the form of articles, images, video, sound, and other multimedia. ChronoZoom links a wealth of information from five major regimes that unifies all historical knowledge collectively known as Big History.

It is available online.

“Space” projects

In my studentship I did some space operation visualizations being a part of “Geometric modelling research group”.zenit_capture
We assembles a series of application using our own rendering engine in .NET. It was targeted on rapid application development.
Development of “Zenit” rocket launch visualization app was my first project management experience.